Perhaps this horrible epidemic spread all over the world and affected many advanced and sophisticated countries in various continents but, is Tunisia among them?

Tunisia has significantly taken its precautions and made the country more sheltered than many others. Maybe foreigners and locals aren’t aware of it but it is quite accurate. You are definitely a bit worried or shocked that such a developing country turned out to be more cautious than ever. You may also assume that North African countries will be the ones that suffer the most from this dangerous epidemic that has no restraint. But, Tunisia is prosperous since its residents are aware and knowledgeable of the downfalls that could take place if the situation gets riskier. Accordingly, they are preventing unnecessary physical interaction in public locations and using masks and hand sanitizers to protect themselves from this pandemic. Indeed, many centres for disease control and prevention are bein furnished and well equipped with the needed supply. Not only that but also, strict quarantines are being taken seriously and even some borders with affected countries will be fully closed soon.

The government has also provided a special number to phone emergency when symptoms of coronavirus are displayed. In other words, North Africa is under control as all Tunisians are persisting against this virus despite the very limited budget and the simple facilities. We should all appreciate these measures and spread awareness to minimize health and financial damages caused by this disease. As long as everyone is recognising these requirements, the government anticipates starting the summer season safely.

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