Tunisian dialect is a beautiful mixture of Arabic, French, Italian and Berber expressions. Some slang words considerably alter from the north to the south of the country despite its small size. Countless English travellers and even tourists from neighbouring countries struggle to communicate and interact with locals when they visit Tunisia claiming that, Tunisian dialect doesn’t resemble Arabic at all. Well, they are kind of right but there is always a solution. Here is an essential glossary for any visitor travelling to Tunisia to learn in order to make his trip thousand times easier.

Make a screenshot of these terms and get ready to venture in the narrowest alleys of Tunisian neighbourhoods.

Hello = عسلامة =’eslamh

Goodbye= بالسلامة=balslamh

Yes= اي=ay


Ok= باهي=bahy

Good morning= صباح الخير= sbah alkhyr

Please= بربي =brby

Thank you= يعيشك =y’eyshk

I am fine= لباس=lbas

Sorry= سامحني=samhny

You are welcome= ماغير مزيّة=maghyr mzyh

How much= بقدّاش=bqdash

When= وقتاش=wqtash

Where= وين=wyn

How= كيفاش=kyfash

I= انا=ana

We= احنا=ahna

My friends= صحابي=shaby

My siblings= خواتي=khwaty

My mother= امي=amy

My father= بابا=baba

Can I have = نجّم ناخو=njm nakhw

Great= مريقل=mryql

I like it= عجبني=’ejbny

I didn’t like it= ما عجبنيش=ma ‘ejbnysh

I don’t understand= ما فهمتش=ma fhmtsh

I want to = نحب=nhb

I don’t want to= مانحبّش=manhbsh

One= وا حد=wahd


 Three= تلاثة=tlathh

Four= اربعة=arb’eh

 Five= خمسة=khmsh

 Six= ستّة=sth

Seven= سبعة=sb’eh

 Eight= ثمنية=thmnyh

Nine= تسعة=ts’eh

Ten= عشرة=’eshrh

Right(direction)= يمين=ymyn

Left=  يسار=ysar



A lot= برشا=brsha

A little= شوية=shwyh



Help me= عاونّي=’eawny

Dynar =tunisian currency دينار

1dt= 0,29£


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